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Twin Head Emergency Light


  • Built-in LED module
  • Luminous ux range from 850-425 lm
  • High efciency up to 132 lm/W for the LED module
  • Low energy consumption for LED
  • Performance temprature upto °65C
  • 50,000 hrs life time for LED module

Addressable unit features

  • Addressing function, patented
  • Status of the battery
  • Status feedback on 3 color LED
  • Charge condition
  • Function test
  • Duration test
  • Output power limitation
  • Deep discharge protection
  • 3 hours rated duration

Testing & Feedback

  • Status of the battery
  • Status of the LED source
  • Charge condition
  • Function test
  • Service life test
  • Emergency Duration 3 hours
    Battery NiCd, 4 Ah, D-cells, 4 cells stick
    Rated supply voltage and Mains frequency 220 – 240 V, 50 / 60 Hz
    Lumen ouput 286Lm
    Mains current 27 mA per module
    Rated power 2 x 4 W
    Battery charging time (3 hours) 12 hours
    Ambient temperature 0 to +55 °C
    Ingress protection Rating IP20
    Protection Class I

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