Model: GTEL-CJS08

Guard Tech supplies Slim Multi-Function Power Vault – Auto Car Jump Starter and Mobile Power Bank.

Size 131*75*25 mm
Weight 225g
Battery Capacity 8000mah
Output 5V~ 2A;12V Jump Start
Input 12V~ 1A
Full Charge Time 3 hours
Starting Current 200A
Peak Current 400A
Operating Temperature 0-60

– Supports fast charging, low self-discharge, and vehicle voltage up to 12V

– It can charge for almost all the mobile phones, PC, cameras, game players, etc

– Can use it lighting with LED lamp, one button for power on/off

– Portable, safe and practical

– The world smallest and lightest potable power pack with pending US patent on automobile jump-start technology

– Use high capacity Nano lithium polymer battery power bank

– Support fast charging with low self-discharge cycle

– Charging cycles reach more than 1000 times

– Support 12V gasoline vehicle jump-start, back up charger for all brands of cell phones, notebooks,tablets, portable refrigerator and cooler

– Support of 3 different types of charging modes

– Built-in redundant electric control safety protection for jump start overcharging and over-discharging

Model: GTEL-CJS18

Guard Tech supplies Slim Multi-Function Power Vault – Auto Car Jump Starter and Mobile Power Bank.

Battery capacity 18000mAh(66.6Wh)
Battery Tyre A Class Lithium Polymer battery
Case Material Metal shell
Size 23.5*2.8*9.0mm
Weight 744g
Input 15V1A
Output 12V /10A (12V & car electronic products)
5V /1A ( cell phone )
5V / 2A (Camera , Tablet )
19V /3.5 A   (Laptop )
Start Current 600A
Peak Current 1000A
Fully Charged time 4-6 hours
Opearationg Temperature
Lifetime : 3-5 years ( 1000 life cycles)
Spart parts Jumper cable , home & car adapter , Laptop connector , USB wire
  • Auto Mobile Power bank Jump start your car (up to 4&6L gas or 3L diesel engine even 12V gasoline car) up to 20 times with 600 amps of peak current, 18000 mah and heavy duty clamps and cables output (5V / 2.1A, 12V/16V/19V 3.5A)
  • Advanced Safety Protection: Ensures total protection against reverse polarity, surges and short circuits. Built in Emergency flashlight 3 function.
  • It can support an emergency jump start and entirely replace the included battery for a car startup; USB charging ports were built in, supports general cellular phones/laptops charging and completely replaces products similar to mobile power bank.
  • Built-in protection features will provide the over current protection; short circuit protection; overload protection; over-voltage protection; over-charge protection.
  • Comes with ALL Accessories To Power Your Devices, Cars, Laptops, Cell Phones, USB Devices, & MUCH MORE!

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