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Multisensor Detector Legacy Series

D-A410 Intelligent Combination Heat / Photoelectric Smoke Detector integrates photoelectric detection and fixed temperature and rate of rise detection technology by combining smoke sensor and heat sensor in mechanism and circuitry structure.

D-A410 detector not only overcomes the disadvantage that detectors using common infrared scattering technology are insensitive to black smoke with small particles, but also can pick up fire with obvious rise of temperature such as alcohol flame, thus extending its application range.

Operating Voltage loop 24V (16V~28V)
Standby Current ≤0.8mA
Alarm Current ≤5.0mA
Indicator Red. Flashes in polling, and illuminates in alarming
Alarm Temperature 58°C
Class A2R
Alarm Temp 58°C
Programming Method Electronically programming
Code Range one address within 1~242.
Weight About 120g
Ingress Protection Rating IP22
Environment Temperature -10°C~+50°C
Relative Humidity ≤95%, non condensing
Material of Enclosure ABS
Dimension Diameter: 100mm
Height: 56mm(base)
Mounting Hole Spacing 45mm~75mm
Wiring Non-polarized 2-core for loop.
Polarized 2-core for remote indicator.
  • Electronically addressed.
  • Built-in microprocessor stores 14 history data.
  • Drift compensation, adaptable to environment extensively.
  • Combined smoke and heat algorithm greatly improves detector performance.
  • Self-diagnostic.
  • Dirty chamber checking.
  • Designed to comply with EN 54-5/EN 54-7 standards.

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