Home Network Video Recorder SH-NVR16S128

Network Video Recorder SH-NVR16S128

  • Max 128ch IP cameras connection
  • Support a wide range of the 3rd party IP cameras
  • Up to 32 channel HD realtime live view
  • Up to 6-screen output: 6 HDMI sync output / 1 VGA + 5 HDMI sync output
  • Support 16 hot-swappable SATA HDDs to better its expandability and flexibility
  • Support multiple RAID mode such as RAID0, RAID1 and RAID5
  • Based on a multi-client system and supports up to 128 channel @ D1, 64 channel @ 720P, 32 channel @ 1080P realtime recording
  • Compatible & seamless integrated to other platforms
  • Redundant power supply module adopted (SH-NVR16S128LR)
  • LCD Display (SH-NVR16S128L / SH-NVR16S128LR)

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