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Isolator Module LPCB

The Isolator is placed at intervals on the loop and ensures that, in the case of a short circuit, only the section between the isolators will be affected. When the short-circuit is removed, the isolators automatically restore power and data to the isolated section.

  • Detects wiring short-circuits
  • Minimises disruption from short-circuits
  • Automatic de-isolation on the short-circuit removal
  • Up to 20 detectors or their equivalent load, may be installed between isolators
Device Type Isolator
Style Mounting Base and twist-in isolator module
Working Voltage 17 – 28 V DC
Operating Current Modulation Voltage 5 – 9 V (peak to peak)
Supervisory Current 110 μA
Surge Current 0m A
Maximum Current drawn 8.5 mA
Maximum Line Impedance 50 Ω
Temperature Range 0°C to 38°C
Dimensions (diameter x height) 100 mm x 31.25 mm
Weight 82 g

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