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Analog Control Panel (1 or 2 Loops)

infiNET is a versatile range of open protocol fire alarm control panels compatible with existing infiNET fire alarmpanel technology.

Available with one or two detection loops capable of hosting up to 126 devices. Microprocessor based electronics to provide a flexible control system with high reliability and integrity.

Suitable for all small to medium sized fire detection systems, infiNET control panels can be expanded and networked to become part of much larger system if the need arises, therefore providing a future proof solution for any installation.

With its large graphical display and ergonomic button and indicator layout, the infiNET control panel is simple and straightforward to understand for installers, commissioning engineers and end users alike.

Construction & IP Rating 1.2mm mild sheet steel, IP30
Finish Epoxy powder coated
Colour – lid & box BS 00 A 05 grey – fine texture
Display 8 lines of 40 characters graphic LCD
Mains voltage supply 110 or 230V AC 50 or 60 Hz
Mains supply fuse 1.6A 250V
Power supply DC rating 24V 3 Amps
Aux 24V supply Fused at 500 milliamps
Maximum Battery size 9Ah 12V (2 per panel) (non-networked)
Fault contact rating 30V DC 1 Amp
Fire contact rating 30V DC 1 Amp
Alarm contact rating 30V DC 1 Amp
Sounder output rating Fused at 1 Amp each
Detection loop 400 milliamp output
Serial expansion port Serial RS485
PC port Serial RS232
Network connection RS485 – Up to 64 panels
Remote Silence input (SIL) Switched -ve
Remote fault input (FLT) Switched -ve
Remote reset input (RES) Switched -ve
Remote alert input (INT) Switched -ve
Remote evacuate input (CNT) Switched -ve
Download lead Standard SEN-MX5807, SEN-MX5806 economy
Configuration Via Loop Explorer PC utility
PC graphics Via Locator systems
Weight 6kg (standard panel)
  • 16 zonal LED indicators
  • 2 programmable sounder circuits
  • 5 programmable inputs
  • 3 programmable relays
  • 3A power supply
  • Large graphic display
  • Real time clock
  • Expandable from 1 to 2 loops
  • Certified to EN54-2/ EN54-4
  • Up to 512 additional programmable I/O via infiNET I/O modules
  • Powerful, network wide cause and effects
  • Sensitivity adjustment and Drift Compensation
  • Can be networked with infiNET control panels
  • Compatible with infiNET-R
  • Stores 500 last events in event log
  • Dial up modem connection available
  • Compact, stylish enclosure
  • Installer friendly, removable equipment chassis
  • Different language and character set variants available
  • Fully EN54-2 and EN54-4 compliant improved front loading Printer option, only available in an M3 size enclosure

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